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Options for farmers:

In readiness, farmers have four options, all designed to ensure biosecurity and food safety, to be ready for using “stewardship label” rodenticides on their premises:

Possession of a certificate from an approved training programme and awarding organisation confirming professional competence.

Employment of a professional pest control contractor, which employs technicians themselves in possession of such approved certificates.

Membership of a UK farm assurance scheme which has among its standards a structured, documented and audited programme of rodenticide pest management. Click an up-to-date list of acceptable farm assurance schemes.

Please note that this is an interim measure, which will cease after December 2017 – unless the farm assurance schemes in question bring their standards fully in line with the CRRU Code of Best Practice.

The current schemes are:

The purchase and use of amateur rodenticide products (which refers to pack sizes of up to 1.5kg.) 

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